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PonyShow | Talk Show FAIL

Hello, my horsies! So I was bored so I decided to do a talk show thingy with Alexandra, Raven, Maryellen, and Honey. The results were…erm…interesting.

Me: Hello everyone! Welcome to the pony show! If you were wondering the painting behind me is by Emmie’s Mom. The fence and hay stuff are from the Horse Stable set from AG, the pumpkin is from Hobby Lobby with stickers attached to it, and Emmie helped me hand letter the sign.

Me: Today I will be interviewing a few of my siblings/cousins/pets and what they think of horses! We will first start with Raven.

Me: Hi Raven!

Raven: Hewo!

Me: Can you slate for me?

Raven: Wot does dat mean?

Me: Tell me, like, your name, age, and a little bit about yourself.

Raven: You wo my name, dough!

Me: NO, for the readers—

Raven: why is dere a bowwerina if it is a horsie Show?

Me: because— oh, just CUT!

Me: hi Maryellen! Ummm… nice outfit?

Maryellen: Thanks! *flips hair*

Me: okkaayyy. Slate for me?

Maryellen: my name is Maryellen Alison Larkin-Blakely and I am 9 years old. I like food and planking. Oh yeah and pizza is good.

Me: ?

Me: So, what do you like about horses?

Maryellen: Actually, I don’t really like horses.

Me: WHAT?? Why are you on this show?

Maryellen: Because you forced me to against my will.

Me: Well, you do have a— WAIT, you weren’t supposed to say that! CUT!

Me: Hey Lexi! Why don’t you slate for our audience?

Lexi: sure! I’m Alexandra Kate Blakley and I am turning 10 with Emmie in 12 Days! I have a Girl Scout meeting so let’s make this quick.

Me: Ok! So why you like horses?

Lexi:  I love riding and the feeling of almost flying as you–OMYGOSH ITS 12:30 IM GONNA BE LATE

Me: Waiittttt!


Me: Hi Honey!

Honey: ……

Me: Can you slate for me?

Honey: ……

Me: What is your favorite thing about horses?


Honey: *LICK*

Me: EWWWWW!!!! Cut! CUT!


I hope you enjoyed our little…erm… talk show fail! Who was your favorite? Do you want to see a tutorial on how to do my hairstyle? What about my jean skirt? Leave a comment below!




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