Hi, I’m Lissie, a 11 year old creative, patriotic, independent, loyal, awesome, insane, Christian, fun, and kind AG doll! I am the retired AG historical version, not the new BeForever version, (Ugh! Stuck-up BeForevers! Exeption: Maryellen 😋) that is from 1774. My owner is EmeraldPhoenix, and click here to see her wonderful blog! And I am clearly her favorite out of all of her dolls I am the most recent doll she has ever gotten. You may be wondering, “Wait! She’s from 1774!” Well, when Phoenix offered to let me post on her blog, or maybe start a page or two and I was like, “This is so cool, I want my own!” So Phoenix set me up, and I’m on the roll! Here, expect loads of randomness, cuteness, book reviews, and awesomeness!